a film by Jasper Vrancken

Richard (Matthieu Sys) works as a male nurse in a rest home. For the people around him, he tries to hide an unusual phantasy…or should we say fetish… Richard suffers from vorarephilia: he is sexually aroused by the idea of being eaten by an animal or monster. He tries to have “normal” sex and calls for a prostitute Ines, but in that he doesn’t find what he is looking for. Through a contact ad, he meets the mysterious Max (Pascal Maetens) and with that encounter the chance to fulfil his depraved fantasy. Can Richard escape his dark desires or not?


Written and directed by: Jasper Vrancken
Cast: Matthieu Sys, Pascal Maetens
Production: Kevin Hoed, Steve de Roover(Skladanowsky)
Image: Hyun de Grande
Sound: Yves de Mey, Eneas Mentzel
Editor: Ives Jossa