a film by Maxime Pillonel

9 minutes - 2016 - Switzerland

One evening, two robbers try to hold up a gas station. They point their guns at the cashier, who despite their yelling, fails to react the way they’d expected...

Maxime Pillonel

Maxime Pillonel was born in Geneva, Switzerland, in 1992. Deaf and hearing aids wearer, he is passionate about the cinema and joined the Film Studies section of ECAL (University of Art and Design) in 2012. During his course, he wrote and directed several fictional films and documentaries. In 2016 he directed his graduation film Martien which earned him a Bachelor of Arts degree, with first-class honours, in Visual Communication, specialized in Film.


Directed by : Maxime Pillonel
Produced by : Jump Cut Production - Pierre-Adrian Irlé & Romain Graf, ECAL - Lionel Baier
Cast : Sami Khadraoui, Rébecca Balestra, Baptiste Gilliéron, Loc Nguyen, Nadège Kindudi, Floryane Hornung, Ruben Martins Ferro, Gérald Métroz