A film by Marko Šantić

17 min - 2021 - Croatia

Marko and Ankica never gotten over the death of their only child Ante in the war. When their neighbour Stipe suggests renting son’s room to tourists, Marko sees that as an insult but Ankica manages to talk him into it. Renting rooms is easy money, especially for retired people, but having an unknown man sleeping in son’s bed troubles Marko a lot.

Marko Šantić

Marko Šantić’s student short films Good luck Nedim and The Hole were screened on many film festivals and won awards like Student Visionary Award on Tribeca Film Festival and Heart of Sarajevo at Sarajevo Film Festival. For Good luck Nedim he also received European Film Academy Nomination for Best European Short Film.
Seduce Me was his first feature film, which was internationally premiered at 29th Warsaw Film Festival where he won Special mention award in 1-2 competition. He was also awarded for Best Slovene director and was Slovenian submission for the 87th Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.
His last short film Blue Peter won 8 awards and was screen on more than 65 international film festivals.
Last feature film Lada Kamenski he co-directed with colleague Sara Hribar. Movie had internacional premier on Montreal Film Festival and received more than 10 awards.


Directed by : Marko Šantić
Written by : Goran Vojnović
Cast : Mate Gulin, Feđa Stojanovič, Snježana Sinovčić Šiškov, Trpimir Jurkić
Producer : Jure Bušić
Co-producers : Slađana Petrović Vargić, Dejan Petrović, Jordane Oudin, Jure Vizjak
DOP : Ivan Zadro
Editing : Jurij Moškon
Composer : Arthur Dairaine
Scenography : Ines Atman
Assistant Director : Nikola Tomić