a film by Stephen Kanaris

15 min - 2013 - Australia

Set in 1978 in the far outer suburbs of Brisbane, the story centres on greyhound trainer Mick who is struggling to make a living for his family. Mick is so certain that his young maiden greyhound will win that he puts all the family’s money on the line.

Stephen Kanaris
Stephen is an internationally award winning short-film director, and currently operates as the commercial director at one of Brisbane’s biggest production companies, Blacklab. His latest film, Boundless, won eight awards including Best Film and Best Director at Australia’s prestigious St. Kilda Film Festival. Bound- less also screened at many prestigious International festivals, such as Interfilm Berlin and Palm Springs. It featured an excellent Australian cast, including Roy Billing, Lynette Curran and Gillian Jones. In addition to Maiden, Stephen is currently developing a feature project. Stephen also teaches for NIDA Open Program in Brisbane, and continues to develop his passion for story and characters with complex psy- chological conflicts.

Tahnee McGuire
Currently, Tahnee works as a Director/Producer at Blacklab, a commercial production house in Bris- bane. She was accepted into the prestigious Master of Arts (Directing) at the Australian Film Television and Radio School (AFTRS), and her films have screened both nationally and internationally, winning numerous awards along the way. Her production, Blandville won ‘Best Documentary’ at St Kilda Film Festival and the ScreenSound Award for the Most Significant Contribution to Australian Culture. It later continued on to win four best film awards while be- ing screened around the world. She was chosen
by Hatchfest USA as one of ten best, world-wide, groundbreaking young filmmakers. Her graduating drama, Still Life, was broadcasted by SBS and won many awards at various film festivals, including St Kilda Film Festival in 2007.


Directed by: Stephen Kanaris
Produced by: Tahnee McGuire - HatchFilm
Cast: Russell Dykstra, Anita Hegh, Wesley Ambler, Sophie Moman