a film by Alexandre Martins

20 min - 2017 - Brasil

“Madá” tells the story of Madalena as she begins to work as a house keeper in a new home, having to deal with her boss’s demands and the advances from her teenage son.

Alexandre Martins

With an interest in film since early age, Alexandre Martins, born in Brazil, 1989, graduated in filmmaking at the New York Film Academy. After graduating moved back to his home town, Rio de Janeiro to pursuit his goal to make films in his native tongue. Along with friends opened a small production company that makes commercials and music videos while developing content for short and feature length films focused in original Brazilian stories.


Directed by : Alexandre Martins
Produced by : Fabrica de Cinema Independente - Deboráh Zapata
Cast : Lenita Oliver, Rafael Vieira Awi, Luisa Friese, Guilherme Duarte