Letters to God

a film by Yves Cohen

Since his daughter’s death, Moshe lives alone rejecting his wife whom he blames for this tragedy. In order to get out of his confinement, he accepts a job from the Jerusalem post office, unaware that it is for a very special division: The Department of Letters to God. Moshe will face humanity in its most secret privacy, sometimes most fanciful wishes. He doesn’t believe in anything anymore but a series of strange events will transform his bitterness and lead him to discover how forgiveness can reconcile him with his wife and bring him peace again.

Yves Cohen
At age 20, stops his studies and travels the world for 4 years, including a year in India. At age 24, creates and manages successively various international trading companies. In 2010, stops his activities to devote himself to scriptwriting, including a feature film, SECRET SPICES, selected at Primexchange, a workshop part of the Goa Film Festival and which is his next project. LETTERS TO GOD is his first movie as a director.


Cast : Uri Ran Klauzner, Reymonde Amsallem, Gilad Perlman, Albert Iluz
Directed by : Yves Cohen
Written by : Yves Cohen, David Blanco
Cinematography : Daniella Nowitz
Sound : Pablo Demichelis
Production : Yves Cohen - FI International Films
Make up : Revital Cohen
Costumes : Lital Goldfine
Editor : Tal Keller
Sound Editor : Erez Eyni Shavit
Music : Amit Poznansky