The Ice Cubes

A film by Sara Dufossé

10 min - 2019 -Belgium  

On a sunny spring day, Louise wakes up with a violent toothache. Her lightning pain is not going
away whatever she does. At the same time, her ex-fiancé Jerome decides to pay her a visit. He is
determined to talk and to finally split up their stuff.
"The ice Cubes" tells the story of a past relationship and what’s left of it after a few months, shot
in a single take.

Awards & Festivals :
Festival International du Film de Mons - 2020
MECAL PRO, Barcelona International Short and Animation film Festival - 2020
European Cinematography Awards (ECA) – 2020 – BEST EUROPE FILM CINEMATOGRAPHY
Brussels Short Film Festival (BSFF) – 2020
Short shorts Film Festival and Asia – 2020
Stockholm Independent Film Festival – 2020


Written and directed by: Sara Dufossé
Cast: Louise Manteau, Gaël Soudron
Production: Sara Dufossé (La Ravageuse Saga)
Image: Quentin Devillers
Editor: Baptiste Dussert