The Lost Ones

a film by Maria Castillejo Carmen, Maëlle Grand Bossi et Elisabeth Silveiro

14 min - 2018 - France

A supermarket at the end of the day. While a few customers are finishing their groceries, a hooded intruder breaks into the store.

Résumé of the Directors
We are three filmmakers of various origins (Spanish, Italian-Swiss and French-Russian) who met while studying cinema in Brussels. Our friendship comes from this common passion and our irrepressible desire to create, to make films. We like to experiment with different formats: radio, documentary, fiction. In a word, we like boldness!
This is how we wrote and directed "The Lost ones", which received the Best Screenplay Award in 2017 at the Grenoble Open Air Short Film Festival.
Although our individual approaches to film are very different and often deal with social issues, we have managed to find a common style, that of comedy drama. This film, pre-purchased by France 2 (Christophe Taudière) and produced by G.R.E.C (a not-for-profit organisation which produces, distributes and accompanies first short films) was selected at the Rhode Island Class A festival. The experience of implementing and realising this film has strengthened our desire to continue making films together.

Prix et Festivals:

Marlyn Mason Award "New voices, new perspectives by women in film" - Flicker’s Rhode Island International FIlm Festival (Etats-Unis)
Best Direction/Meilleur Editing/Meilleur Sound Editing - Planos Film Festival (Portugal)
Audience Award - Recontres du Court-Métrage "Image in Cabestany" (Perpignan, France)
Grand Prix VI - International Film Festival Golden Frame (Ukraine)
Best International Short Film - 4th Edition of Cine No Visto, International Film Festival of Linares

En Compétition:

Flicker’s Rhode Island International Film Festival (Etats-Unis)
Festival du Cinéma International en Abiti-Témiscamingue (Canada)
Seoul International Film Festival (Corée du Sud)
Sose International Film Festival (Arménie)
Séquence Court Métrage (Toulouse, France)
Festival Plein Air de Grenoble (France)
Alter-Native IFF (Roumanie)
Oxford Film Festival (Etats-Unis)
Recontres du Court-Métrage "Image in Cabestany" (Perpignan, France)
Planos Film Festival (Portugal)
Cinefest (Italie)
Prato Film Festival(Italie)
Cinema Perpetuum Mobile ISFF (Biélorussie)
The Chaffy Review Film Festival (Etats-Unis)
Festival Internacional de Caostica (Espagne)
Zeitimpuls Shortfilm (Autriche)
Cefalu Film Festival (Italie)
European Film Festival Integration You and Me (Pologne)
SA.FI.TER Puglia On The Road (Italie)
International Film Festival Golden Frame (Ukraine)
Festival Cinema i Musica de Castello (Espagne)
Porto Femme International Film Festival (Portugal)
Festival du Film d’Espalion (France)
35e Rencontres cinéma de Gindou (France)
Link International Film Festival (UK)
Cineglobe International Film Festival au CERN (Suisse)
Cinema da Figueira da Foz - Film Art (Portugal)
The STARZ PLAY by Cinepax Short Film Competition (Pakistan)
Fashion Film Festival Chicago (USA)
Riu Rau Film Festival (Espagne)
Parana Films Festival (Argentine)
17 Film Festival Seize the Film (Serbie)
Oska Bright Film Festival (UK)
Rabat-Comedy International Film Festival (Maroc)
Wow Film Festival (Tunisie)
El Festival Diversimacine (Spain)
To The Wild (Roumanie)


Cast: Raphaëlle Dessertne, Camille Charrière, Evelyne Lonchampt, Manon Barthélémy, Myriam El Ghali-Lang, Pol Tronco, Carmen Ferland, Cathy Sylla
Directed by: Maria Castillejo Carmen, Maëlle Grand Bossi et Elisabeth Silveiro
Written by: Maria Castillejo Carmen, Maëlle Grand Bossi et Elisabeth Silveiro
ICinematography: Wim Vanswijgenhoven
Sound: Benoît Chabert d’Hières
Production: Anne Luthaud - Le G.R.E.C
Costumes: Océane Gerum
Production Design: Rauf Helioui
Editor: Fred Beraud
Sound Editor: Antoine Martin
Music: Ludho La Verde