The Leaves Picker

a film by Rémy Rondeau

13 min - 2016 - France

Leon is 72 and always says he is a « Leaves picker ». The last of this today forgotten job. In autumn, he collects dead leaves he repaints during winter time. In spring, he resticks them on the trees.

Rémy Rondeau
After he studied at Superior School of Audiovisual Creation (ESRA) where he made three short films, Remy Rondeau began as an electrician on features (Poison, Katell Quillévéré, Cannes 2010; The conquest Xavier Durringer, Cannes 2011) and shorts.
These various experiences allow him to improve his knowledge from both a technical and organisational point of view. In the meantime, he wrote the screenplay for the feature film "Dawn of the old men" selected PITCH Henry Langlois International Festival for his offbeat and original universe.
Thanks to his thirteen years of music conservatory and his practice of various instruments (clarinet, piano, guitar or accordion), Remy Rondeau also composed for some short films.
His eclectic filmography demonstrates his curiosity for different kinds (romantic comedy, science fiction, fantasy, documentary), this, with a personal and original view and always a sweet approach of his characters.


Directed by : Rémy Rondeau
Produced by : Fireland Productions
Cast : Yves-Robert Viala, Didier Pioger