The Wall

a film by Samuel Lampaert

10 min - 2015 - Belgique

Hong-Kong. A multitude of high-rise concrete buildings without personality. Inside, close studios where people live withdrawn into themselves. Until the day where Chung; a bachelor, decides to hang a picture on the wall.

Samuel Lampaert
Born in Brussels in 1968, Samuel Lampaert has directed « Hi, Mates! » in 2002, « Reverse Decision » in 2004, « 30 Minutes by Day » en 2013 and the documentary « Voodoo, the origins » in 2009. His first full-leght feature, « Le Rocher de la Vierge » is in writing process.


Directed by: Samuel Lampaert
Produced by: Nicolas George - Les Films du Carré
Cast: Yves Yan, Steven Eng, Cathy Min Jung