The Dance To Come

A film by Maxime Cappello

19min52 - 2019 - France


An afternoon in a city. Playing basketball, a group of boys wonder about the relationship between men and women, about virility and seduction. In a building nearby, five girls will meet and wonder about the world and the relationship of tomorrow.


Written and directed by : Maxime Cappello
Cast : Juliet Lemonnier, June Assal, Sonia Bendhaou, Thomas Mardell, François-Xavier Phan, Jordan Rezgui, Salif Cissé, Meledeen Yacoubi, Florence Fauquet, Aude Forget, Ephraim Nanikunzola, Emilie Letoffe
Production : Maxime Cappello
Image : David Goudier
Sound : Victor Loeillet
Editor : Anne-Sophie Bussière