Knock Harder!

a film by Malik Zenger

16 minutes - 2016 - Kazakhstan

Lonely and unfortunate guy Yerlan who lives in his grandmother’s apartment, tries to earn his living by babysitting neighbor kids Beknur and his little sister. His underdog life turns even worse when he decides to play poker with Beknur and loses all his possessions. However the real nightmare comes to his life later when someone knocks on his door…

Malik Zenger

Malik Zenger is a young filmmaker currently based in Kazakhstan, Almaty. He graduated from New York Film Academy at Universal Studios in 2012 with masters degree in film arts. Malik started his film career in mid 2000’s. He shot his early short films and got his first recognition in local film festivals. After winning couple student film festivals he applied to work for television company. During his work for local broadcasting network he had chance to shoot TV commercials and music videos. That helped him to shape his craftsmanship and opened the doors for bigger projects. Currently Malik is working as writer/director. He did 3D animation series for national television and got “TEFI-2015" among the CIS television projects. 


Directed by : Malik Zenger
Produced by : Andrey Rasputin, Vladimir Petrov, Kirill Roschin
Cast : Malik Zenger, Darmen Sadikov, Zhandarbek Sadirbaev , Zhanar Baydauletova, Anastasiya Tretiyakova