Ghost Mode

a film by Sofia Alaoui

16 minutes - 2018 - France

A little group of teenagers tries to escape boredom at the end of summer. One morning, Kenza, a girl from the group, is missing from the meeting point and doesn’t answer her phone anymore...

Sofia Alaoui

Sofia Alaoui is a scpirtwriter and director, former president of l’Association de scénaristes Lecteurs Anonymes. In 2015, she directed her first documentary Children of Naplouse (Les enfants de Naplouse), screened on French Television (France 3).


Directed by : Sofia Alaoui
Produced by : Yukunkun Productions - Nelson Ghrénassia
Cast : Adama Ndao, Hajar Koutaine, Robin Goldbronn, Saydi Al Alami