Keep it Light

a film by Malika Pellicioli

20 minutes - 2018 - Switzerland

Beibhinn, a young American, meets Côme during her trip in Europe. It’s love at first sight! But not only between them. For her, life in Switzerland suddenly makes sense. That’s why she decides to follow her natural exuberance and to marry this young man she barely knows...

Malika Pellicioli

Malika Pellicioli is a young director based in Geneva. After her graduation at the High School of Art and Design of Lausanne, her movie The Finger won several prices in numerous festivals around the world.
One year later, Malika co-directed a Webserie for the Swiss National Television with Arthur Touchais, written by Marina Rollman. Further to these fruitful collaborations, they created their production company Tolmao.
In 2015, Malika won an artist residency in New-York City, her city of love. This is where she starts writing Keep It Light. Since then, she directed a short documentary movie in Cameroon, a Webserie in Lebanon and a short film in New York during her residency.
She also works as a production assistant and as an assistant director on international shootings as well as for the Swiss television.


Directed by : Malika Pellicioli
Produced by : PCT Cinéma Télévision - Pierre-André Thiébaud
Cast : Aude Bourrier, Baptiste Gilliéron, Elise Favre, Rébecca Balestra