I feed I die

A film by Karim Morel

15 min - 2019 - France 


Jean, a farmer close to retirement, tried to kill himself. When he turns back from the hospital he refuses his son’s help. But then, working together, they will try to talk about what happenned.

Awards & Festivals:

Festival Tout court ! de Gisors
Festival de Clermont Ferrand 2020 catégorie Le monde paysan
Festival du film environnemental
Festival du film court en plein air de Grenoble


Written and directed by : Karim Morel
Cast : Michel Masiero, Estelle Patry, Jérémy Julienne, Tony Le Bacq
Production : Tony Le Bacq, Michel Masiero
Image : Kévin Manson
Editor : Yohann Ceysson