a film by Alexis and Jérémie Lopez

7 minutes - 2018 - France

While on patrol in a Middle Eastern country, a western army squad stops for a while in the village of Iqmarba...

Alexis and Jérémie Lopez

Autodidacts, Alexis & Jérémie Lopez started direction by participating at the 2013 Media France Tv Contest. Their short documentary about their brother, climber-arborist, was remarked by Coline Serreau, president of the Jury, who gave them the Grand Prix.

Following it, they decided to abandon their studies and to concentrate to their passion. They created Gear Locker, a Youtube channel exploring with an unusual and offbeat tone, the full-scale role-plays universe. The great success of their channel pushes them to direct six episodes in Taiwan.
Parallel to this project, they write their first short film: Inlove, a sarcastic tale about love. Through it, they deal with a cherished thematic to them: the social violence.

Currently in film-writing residency, they are preparing their next project with the help of Marcel Beaulieu.


Directed by : Alexis and Jérémie Lopez
Produced by : Alexis and Jérémie Lopez
Cast : Thomas Rodriguez, Donia Amjadi, Louis Valentin, Ilham Bakal, Olivier di Giovani