I’m a Sharpener

a film by Mahdi Lepart

14 minutes - 2013 - France

Harris Tindall is a pencil sharpener. He is the last descendant of a family fully dedicated to this artistic tradition.
Each day, the sharpener adjusts his pencil leads depending on his clients’ personality and feelings. When a nosy journalist decides to shoot a documentary on this peculiar craftsman, Harris suddenly unveils himself…

Mahdi Lepart
Mahdi Lepart is a director of photography for fiction, commercials and music videos. In addition to working with directors, he is now directing short films to tell his own stories.

Affreux, sales & méchants
Created in 2006 by Alban Villani and Vladimir Feral, AS & M Productions was meant to produce short fictions programs. They were later rejoined by two others young producers, David Hourrègue and Cedric Delannoy. After 7 years of hard work, AS&M has produced more than 30 short films and a dozen video clips and commercials.
More info at: http://www.asm-prod.com/


Directed by: Mahdi Lepart
Produced by: Affreux, Sales et Méchants
Cast : Jean-Baptiste Maunier, Mélisandre Meertens, Dorothée Brière