I Am Therefore You Are

a film by Maylis de Poncins

2 min - 2019 - France

Our actions have a greater impact than we think.

Awards & Festivals :
Finaliste at Festival Nikon 2019
Festival de Voiron 2019
Festival C’est pas la taille qui compte 2019
Festival de Saint Germain en Laye 2019
16th Sedicicorto International ffilm Festival 2019
First-Time Filmmaker Sessions 2019
GENERIcamente UMANI 2019
Ortigia Film Festival 2019
Marano Ragazzi Spot Festival 2019


Written and directed by: Maylis de Poncins
Cast: Maylis de Poncins, Husky Kihal, Pierre Rochefort, Laurence Porteil, Marlène Veyriras
Production: Maylis de Poncins
Image: Fabien Drugeon
Sound: Robin Bouet
Editor: Alexandra Mignien