A film by Stéphane Chis & Maxime Chuchana

6 min - 2021 - France

Two superstitious persons, two parallel lives and a strange day where one’s little games have the power to change fate. What if it was enough to walk on the tiles without touching the lines to make our wishes come true?

Maxime Chuchana & Stéphane Chis

Maxime and Stéphane met on the benches of an advertising school in Lyon and worked as Art Directors in several advertising agencies. After these experiences, they started directing and producing commercials and fictions. They have been trained to deal with the constraints and challenges of advertising and have formed AFTER 2AM, which stands out for its search for efficiency and its ability to rely on the singularity of each idea to create an original aesthetic.
This duo’s know-how is applied to the entire process, a mastery that guarantees the respect of the author’s vision as well as the client’s at each step of the production.
Their references include SENSAYA x SWAROVSKI, VEOLIA, Renault Trucks, Tomme de Savoie, Rowenta, INTEX.
After working in advertising, they are now working on their first short film, HYPERSTITION, in which they direct Nicolas Marié.

- Audience Award at « Comète Film Festival », Paris
- Best photography award at « Toronto Comedy Film », Toronto
- Selected in about fifteen festivals including the Meudon Comedy Film Festival, the Filmoramax in Lyon or Les Capucines du cinéma français in Paris.


Directed by : Stéphane Chis & Maxime Chuchana
Cast : Myriam Bourguignon, Jérémy Charbonnel, Ana Girardot, Swan Pham, Nicolas Marié, Romain Daitré, Jo-Wilfried-Tsonga, Fabien Caleyre, Jérémie Pétrus, Léa Swan, Léo Magnet, Gilles Walger
Production : (KEEP DREAMING PRODUCTIONS) Hugo & Jérémy Charbonnel
Written by : Léo Magnet & Jérémy Charbonnel
DOP : Romain Wilhelm
1st assistant DOP : Taissia Ysnel
2nd assistant DOP : Raphaël Bortolotti
Sound : Nicolas Leroy
Original Music : Jean-Pascal Beintus
Editing : Stéphane Chis, Maxime Chuchana
N° VISA : 154.770