a film by Daniel & Jared Daperis

12 min - 2015 - Australia

When 24-year-old Shane is convinced to join his friend’s plan to steal from a nearby factory, things quickly turn bad.

Daniel & Jared Daperis
Brothers Daniel and Jared are an exciting directing duo producing striking images provocative stories. Having completed their debut short film ‘Phone Call’ in 2012 which was the winner of Screen Australia’s Raw Nerve Initiative, they went on to make their second film ‘HIT’ in 2014 which is currently enjoying a successful festival run. More recently the brothers are in post on a large scale underwater music video due for release in September 2016.


Directed by: Daniel and Jared Daperis
Produced by: LateNite Films
Cast : Jared Daperis, Kyrie Capri, James O’Connell