Gang of Scamps !

a film by Pierre Le Gall

6 min - 2017 - France

1940s. It’s a critical time. For the scamps, however, it’s a time for making whoopee and jazz.
2010s. The world is in crisis. But the scamps, as carefree as ever, are locked in their own battle trying to answer that eternal question: dogs or cats?


Cast : Ayouba Ali, Fiona Chauvin, Lionel Erdogan, Fabian Hellou, Brigitte Lo Cicero, Malkhior, Serena Reinaldi
Directed by : Pierre Le Gal
Written by : Pierre Le Gall, Guillaume Nail
Cinematography : Morgad Le Naour, Vincent Ducard
Sound : Charles Le Morvan, Marion Lubat
Production : Guillaume Nail
Editor : Pierre Le Gall, Morgad Le Naour, Vincent Ducard