a film by Margo Fruitier & Paul Cartron

16 minutes - 2013 - Belgium

Gabrielle, as Karine looks on, leafs through a notebook full of men’s names. Karine talks about these men, about their smell, their looks. Gabrielle settles on a name. She jots down the phone number.

Margo Fruitier
Margo Fruitier was born in 1990, in Amiens, Picardy (France). In 2009, she moves to Belgium and starts to study film directing at the Institute of Media Arts (IAD). Besides her studies, she works on film sets (feature films and advertising), among the stage management and directing crews. 2012 marked the completion of "Gabrielle", her first short fiction film, which was awarded several times in Belgian and French festivals. In Belgium, she takes part in the foundation of the cross-disciplinary festival Larsens, aimed to showcase the works of artists reflecting genre and norm issues. She also takes part in the creation of the feminist collective LilithS. In early 2014, she shoots her graduation film, "About Rage", which is currently starting its festival life. Furthermore, she creates the association Stoemeling in order to open an alternative place in Brussels dedicated to audiovisual creation.

Paul Cartron
Paul Cartron was born in 1987 in Normandie (France). After a bachelor in theories of cinema, he went in Belgium and started studying cinema as director at IAD, where he met Margo Fruitier. In 2011, he directed the documentary ’’Salon Social’’ and in 2013, his first fiction short film, "Gabrielle". He is actually directing is final-year film, an autobiographical project called ’’Paul et Virginie’’.

L’Institut des Arts de Diffusion (IAD)
High School of Art, the pedagogical objective of the IAD is to train professional artists combining creativity, artistic sensibility, technical know-how and communication skills. Fictions, documentaries, scriptwriting, broadcasting, direction of photography, camera, editing, continuity, sound design, live sound engineering, special effects, 2D/3D animation, web design, …. theater, staging, … the training at the IAD opens to the learning of different forms of art expression.
The Institut des Arts de Diffusion (IAD) (Institute of Media Arts) was created in 1959. From the outset, its purpose was to offer the full scope of courses and trainings relating to the audiovisual and performing arts within the framework of a single institute laying the emphasis on their artistic dimension. Since its creation, the IAD trained more than 2000 people to the professions associated with cinema, television, radio, animation, multimedia and theatre.
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Directed by: Margo Fruitier & Paul Cartron
Produced by: IAD (Institut des Arts de Diffusion)
With : Kim Ceysens, Sam Louwyck, Ingrid Heiderscheidt