Full on

a film by Dominique Reding

24 minutes - 2009 - Belgium

In the middle of an afternoon spent blowing up a chicken with his classmates on summer camp, eight year old Basil meets Mickey at the side of a farm track. Mickey, who isn’t Mickey but in fact the real Mickey who really exists in the real world without being the Mickey with the ears, will become the plaything of a gang of children who have long ceased to dream.

Best Screenplay at « Le court en dit long », selections at Namur, Brussels Independent Film Festival, Edinburgh, Moncton, etc…

« Basile is the kind of child who’s always late. The one who does not listen to what he’s being told, because he’s always thinking of something else (but what?), the one who contemplates life and does not grab it. The one "who’s not part of it", the one that we do not like because he’s weird. The one that never fits in. » Dominique Reding

« A contemplative fiction, is really what we wanted to make, Dominique Reding and myself, to express our vision of the world.
So we began to draft a screenplay for a contemplative adventure movie. » Philippe Grand’Henry

Dominique Reding
Directed his first short film in 2002, “Belgi’ x vs Atomi’ x”, already starring Philippe Grand’ Henry. He also directed “Generation no complex". "Full on" is its first co-direction, with Philippe Grand’ Henry, which also co-wrote the screenplay. He is currently writing his first feature film thanks to the Bourse Smart ASBL.

Philippe Grand’ Henry
Has acted in more than a dozen feature films to this day, among them "Calvaire" by Fabrice du Welz, "Les Convoyeurs attendent" by Benoît Mariage and recently "Rundskop", by Michael R. Roskam. On "Full on", he is at once scriptwriter, co-director and main actor beside youngster Albert Chassagne.

Created in 2002 by Anthony Rey, Hélicotronc is an independent company that produces short and full-length fiction and documentary films. In conjunction with a group of creative directors, it develops authors’ projects on a wide variety of topics. It also takes part in the coproduction and executive production of foreign feature films and TV films shot in Belgium. To this day, Anthony has produced more than 20 short films.

24 minutes / 2009 / Belgium


Director : Dominique Reding
Produced by : Anthony Rey
With : Sam Beun, Jean-Michel Balthazar, Vincent Cahay, Denis Closet, Olindo Bolzan, Marcel Pens, Yohann Rémi