False Start

a film by Benjamin Cohen

14 min - 2016 - France

A man dies and arrives in heaven.
He will realize that up there, everything is exactly as we may imagine. Except few details. And it changes everything…

Benjamin Cohen

After graduate in philosophy in Sorbonne, Benjamin Cohen starts working for production companies. His classical background in literature and his knowledge of production lead him to work as copywriter for commercials directors. He made his first movie in 2016, False Start introducing a crazy and offbeat universe where great talents (Etienne Chicot, Marc Brunet, Florent Cheippe) are at the service of chiselled and cheeky dialogues.


Directed by : Benjamin Cohen
Produced by : Human Films - Jérémy Scialom
Cast : Florent Cheippe, Etienne Chicot, Alexandre Blazy, Marc Brunet