a film by Laura Bossicart & Noemi d’Ursel

11 minutes - 2018 - Belgium

One night, while Elizabeth is sculpting in her studio, her mother drops by unexpectedly.

The encounter is tense as always and the two women seem to have nothing in common. As the night brings them closer, perhaps they will finally be able to see each other in a new light.

Laura Bossicart

Laura Bossicart was born in the rural south of Belgium in 1996 from a Belgian father and a Scottish mother. Passionate about drawing and art which she studies at the « Académie des Beaux-Arts », she decides to follow the photography and video course of her secondary school. She ends up choosing cinema over art and is accepted by the «Institut des Arts de Diffusion » to study film directing.

Elizabeth is Laura’s first short-film, written and directed in collaboration with Noémi d’Ursel, a fellow student. She is now writing her end of study project, a short documentary.

Noémi d’Ursel

After spending her childhood years near Bruges, Noémi d’Ursel leaves Flanders at the age of 14 to study in a theatre school. There she discovers directing and enters the «Institut des Arts de Diffusion » in 2013 to combine this new passion with her love of films.

In 2018, Noémi co-directed Elizabeth with Laura Bossicart for their Masters degree in film-directing. She’s currently preparing a short film for her final year.


Directed by : Laura Bossicart & Noemi d’Ursel
Produced by : Mediadiffusion - IAD
Cast : Judith Williquet, Sandrine Laroche