a film by Jean-Baptiste Delannoy

17 minutes - 2018 - Belgium, France - drama

A young man likes spending time in the shower, too much according to his girlfriend. She throws him out of her place. Armed with a hourglass, he wants to prove her that he can be faster, 3 min. max ! From shower to shower he begins a real initiatory journey full of obstacles, mourning, and dating.

Jean-Baptiste Delannoy

Graduate of the National School of Art of Nice (Villa Arson), Jean-Baptiste Delannoy completed his training at the Andrzej Wajda Master School of Film Directing (Warsaw).
Living in Brussels, he takes part in Frédéric Krivine’s series writing Masterclass and works as a screenwriter and director for TV series projects, web series, short films and advertising.
His work explores different forms of comedy and goes from cartoon to dramedy without distinction, from raw mockumentary to elegant SF.
He is currently developing his first feature film.

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: Broadcast on BETV


Directed by : Jean-Baptiste Delannoy
Produced by : Jean-Baptiste Delannoy
Cast : Mathieu Debaty, Aurélia Bonta, Aude Ruyter, Anne-Marie Loop, Fanny Dumont, Keyvan Khojandi, Félicien Druine, Ulysse Pauwels
Photography : Patrice Michaux
Sound : François De Wispelaere
Editing : John Pirard