Don’t Leave Me In The Shhh

a film by Robin Barrière et Benoît Nieto

8 min - 2019 - France

In an effort to reduce sound pollution, the government has decided to instigate «mandatory quiet hours » in public transportations.
For the passengers of flight 842 « yes we fly », these hours turned out to be anything but quiet.
A silent comedy but not without twists…

Awards & Festivals:
Festival « 48H Film Projets »
Prix du 2ème meilleur film et Prix de la meilleure image (finale France)
Prix du meilleur son et Prix de la meilleure réalisation (Toulouse)


Written and directed by: Robin Barrière et Benoît Nieto
Cast: Frank Biagiotti – Camille Bossard – Melha Bossard – Guillaume Buffard – Dominique Bru – Chloë Duong – Ulysse Duong – Marc Faget – Samuel Mathieu
Production: HappyGrumble Productions
Image: Arnaud Schultz et Nicolas Sahaguian
Sound: Cyril Legrain et Florian Delafournière
Editor: Robin Barrière