A film by Simon Heymans

17 min - 2022 - Belgium - Thriller


On the trail of a serial killer, a police investigator with formidable instincts is close to the goal when state security interferes in his case.

Festivals & Awards

Brussels Short Film Festival | National Competition


Written and directed by : Simon Heymans
Cast : Laura SeĢpul, Steve Driesen, Eric Godon, Georges Siatidis, Jean-Michel Vovk
Adaptation & Dialogue : Maria Castillejo & Simon Heymans
Production : Octopods Films & Outwest
DOP : Sylvain Freyens
Sound : Thibaut Heymans
Editing : Thierry Delvigne
Composer : Vincent Liben
Set Designer : Maude Piette
Designer : Sarah Josis
ISAN : 0000-0006-4F22-0000-H-0000-0000-N