a film by Pierre Dugowson

4 minutes - 2017 - France

In a park, a tiny girl inflates a huge balloon. A boy watches her and is about to burst this balloon but the mother of the little girl tries to dissuade him.

Pierre Dugowson

Graduated from Ecole Nationale Superieure Louis Lumiere, Pierre Dugowson is scriptwriter and director. He started in the cinema as a camera assistant before becoming a television cameraman, then director and finally directed his first feature: Ouvrez le Chien.

Since then, there have been music videos, art films, institutional films, classical music documentaries, short fiction films and some feature films projects are still looking for their producers.

- Si les poules avaient des dents (2000)
- Breakfast (2004)
- La 5ème (The 5th) (2014)
- Supermarket (2016)
- Leçons de choses (General studies)(2016)
- Jusqu’à écoulements des stocks (Until stocks run dry (2017)
- Dinosaure (2017)


Directed by : Pierre Dugowson
Produced by : Pierre Dugowson - Cosmonaut 931
Cast : Ophélia Kolb, Clémentine Bernard