Some things to tell you

a film by Robin Barrière

7 min - 2018 - France

The same day, Gérald is told several bad medical news by different doctors. How to go on then?
A soft and sensitive film that deals with empathy between patients and doctors.

Robin Barrière
At 42 years old, Robin has been working "always" in the audiovisual industry. Multi-instrumentalist (he is screenwriter and editor of all his films), he has worked so to speak in all possible fields : Advertisements, news, documentaries, series, performances, fictions...
But his hobby is directing short films for children, whose heroes are themselves children. Since 2000, he has written and directed a dozen short films, some for children and others for older audience, many of which have been awarded in various festivals. His work has already been aired on several major national broadcasters.

Awards and Festivals
Award of the Best Movie - « 48 Hour Film Project » Festival (France)
« Filmapalooza 2019 » Festival (Orlando, Floride) - in competition


Cast : Marc Faget, Thibault Deblache, Dominique Bru, Chloé Duong, Melha Bossard
Directed by : Robin Barrière
Written by : Robin Barrière
Cinematography : Arnaud Schulz, Nicolas Sahaguian
Sound : Cyril Legrain, Florian Delafournière
Production : Robin Barrière (HappyGrumble Productions)
Editor : Robin Barrière