Loose Ends

un film de Stéphane Everaert

14 min - 2014 - Belgium

Henry passes away on his deathbed. He expects to go to heaven. When Walburge the
angel responsible for the post-mortem administrative procedure appears, she wants to
send him for 1000 years of purgatory first. Henry doesn’t agree. Will he convince the
angel to change her mind or will he be doomed for the next 1000 years?

Stéphane Everaert
Stephane Everaert is born in Brussels. He get his master degree as director from famous Brussels film high school RITS, in 2003. Yet, after his studies, he moved towards actor career and specialized in business theater where he excel as playwrighter, actor and stage director. BIFFF’s official presenter since 2009, he came back to his first love in 2011 by directing his second short film called "Rorschach" as part of the Collectifff (community of 19 young film professionals, fans of genre) that he has set up. In 2013, he completed a second short film called "Stock Exchange" with his friend and partner Frederic Mosbeux. He followed in 2014 with a new short film called "Dernière Formalité" (Loose Ends), produced by Revolver Prod, written by Thomas Vilquin and supported by Wallonia-Brussels Federation.


Directed by: Stéphane Everaert
Produced by: Revolver prod.
Cast: Bernard Marbaix, Bénédicte Philippon