Common Denominator

a film by Quentin Lecocq

8 min - 2016 - France

Ted is a slacker who makes a living by testing medicines. A revolutionary pill will reveal him to himself.

Quentin Lecocq

Quentin Lecocq is a young french filmmaker. He began his carreer as editor and VFX compositor, in an advertising company in Paris in 2011. He has always written and auto-produced short films, so he logically became an advertising director in 2012.

"La Force de l’Âge" ("The Prime of Life") is his first produced short film. After more than two years of writing and six months of pre-production work, he shot the film within 5 days in the north of France, with professional team and equipment (the film was shot with an ARRI-Alexa).

He grew up with genre films and loves science-fiction. That’s why his first film his a nerve racking thriller behind closed doors, featuring enigmatic characters.


Directed by : Quentin Lecocq
Produced by : Quentin Lecocq
Cast : Léo Hardt, Louise Molinaro