Deep Red

A film by Manu Hénoque & Jean-Sébastien Viguié

9 min - France - 2014

Paris, three in the morning. Driven by their burning desire, Katia and Mitch go to a deserted parking lot to make love. But Katia decides otherwise, overwhelmed by the arrival of a luxurious car. Frustrated and humiliated Mitch rushes towards the driver, without expecting what will happen next.

Jean-Sébastien Viguié
First assistant director during fifteen years, Jean-Sébastien Viguié worked with authors as Erick Zonca, Isild Le Bescot, Virginie Wagon or Alain Berliner. He also worked on more than 300 commercials and music videos.
Fascinated by directing actors and shoot supervising, he directed commercials and several musical videos for popular french singers ; Catherine Deneuve, Stomy Bugsy, Tonton David or Christine and the Queens...
He wrote, produced and directed four short movies and now he dedicates himself to the writing and development of feature films.

Manuel Hénoque
Manuel Hénoque has been working in the production field since 25 years. Today, he produces commercials.
"Deep Red" is his first short movie as a director.
Manuel is now co-writing a feature film treatment with Jean Sébastien Viguié. They’re currently developing dialogues.


Directed by: Manu Hénoque & Jean-Sébastien Viguié
Produced by: Virginie Lacombe - Virginie Films, Manu Hénoque & Jean-Sébastien Viguié
Cast : Margot Bancilhon, Oscar Copp, Fabrice Michel