a film by Marguerite Didierjean

14 minutes - 2012 - Belgium

Like every week, Suzanne and her elderly friends meet at their neighborhood hairdresser. But today is a little less ordinary day for all of them.
Today, they are going dancing.
So in addition to the usual hubbub, the luckiest can brag about the date that is coming to pick them up. The others will have to take the bus.

Marguerite Didierjean
After studying literature (MA) in American Literature dealing with the Coen Brothers’ films, Marguerite Didierjean studied directing at the INSAS, where she graduated from in 2008. After completing That way, a short film steeped in the atmosphere of the stories by Raymond Carver, she wrote and directed a comedy that she shot in 2011: Dancing.
She is currently writing her first feature film: At the other end of the world’s end, the story of a cowboy from Brittany who in spite of himself must care for his daughter.

Based in the center of Brussels, Stenola was founded in 2009 and produces fiction and documentary. The team is headed by Anton Iffland Stettner, producer, and Eva Kuperman, executive producer.

More info at http://stenola.eu


Directed by: Marguerite DidierJean
Produced by: Anton Iffland Stettner - Stenola
With: Nicole Shirer, Léa Couzin, Françoise Oriane