a film by Koen Van Sande

9 min - 2016 - Belgium

When a typical bourgeois couple needs to do business in an arab neighborhood, they are too afraid to park their expensive BMW. They finally get out of their car. But they run into some Arab residents and a simple misunderstanding hopelessly grow into crippling fear.

Koen Van Sande
After successfully finishing his master studies as a film director at the R.H.I.T.S filmschool in Brussels, 1998 with the award winning short WES, Koen Van Sande focussed on a post graduate in screenwriting. When returning from a writing workshop at Columbia University, New YorK, he startes working as a free lance director for Belgiantelevision.

He created top rated tv show for Eyeworks and became a showrunner. In 2005 Zodiak Belgium engaged him to direct and write fiction series such as ’16 +’ and ‘De Vifjhoek’. He went on as executive producer for the daily soap ‘Family’ and the crime series ‘Zone Stad’ for Studio A.

From 2013he concentrates on fiction only resulting in 2 shorts produced by his own company Cartouche : RESEARCH in 2014 (Raindance, Chelsea Film Festival, Vienna Independent Film Festival, Alta LAnga, In The Palace, Wipe…) and CRACKS in 2016.

He is actually preparing his first feature film.


Directed by: Koen Van Sande
Produced by : Cartouche
Cast : Peter Van Den Eede, Charlotte Vandermeers, Fouad Oulad Khlie