Cowboy Dave

a film by Colin O’Toole

25 minutes - 2017 - United Kingdom

Cowboy Dave is based on a true story of how a young boy’s life is changed by a chance encounter with an out of luck musician. When a gang of local criminals turn up, the day takes an unexpected turn. 

Colin O’Toole

Colin O’Toole is a Bafta winning writer and director from Manchester, England. He has directed documentary, drama and commercials for Channel 4, Tate Modern and a range of creative agency’s and music videos for Ian Brown (The Stone Roses) Tricky and Deadmau5. His short film The 10am has been selected in many festivals around the world and has been viewed over 100,000 times on the internet. He also taught theater for three years at the MN Academy in London. He keeps from this experience specifics skills for acting direction. His work has been screened at the Bilbao Guggenheim, the Louvre and the Victoria & Albert Museum in London as well as in many festivals. He is currently developing his debut feature film Duffy - set in the early 90’s in Derry, Northern Ireland - with Creative England (BFI) and Mint Productions which is set to film in the summer 2018.


Directed by : Colin O’Toole
Produced by : Third Rail Films - Jonas Mortensen
Cast : Sam Spruell, Steve Evets, Christine Bottomley, Dylan Naden, Matt Raikes