a film by Mathieu Mortelmans

31 min - 2016 - Belgium

Philippe works as a Judge at the criminal court. He has a complicated relationship with his son Hugues. One night Hugues commits a deadly hit and run while driving home drunk. To protect his only son, Philippe chooses to cover up the evidences.

Mathieu Mortelmans
Mathieu Mortelmans (1985 - Antwerp) is a Belgian filmmaker working both in French and in Dutch. In addition to his films ’Chambre Double’ and ’Complices’, he has directed several episodes for many Belgian TV series and some music videos.


Directed by : Mathieu Mortelmans
Produced by : Stromboli Pictures - Catherine Burniaux
Cast : Jean-Henri Compère, Martin Nissen, Anne Coesens, Dirk Roofthooft