A film by Joséphine Darcy Hopkins

28 min - 2020 - France  

While a mysterious cloud of ash is about to pass over their provincial town, Capucine violates the safety instructions and takes the road with her sick mother and Eugenie, a discreet friend, in the hope of passing the Pyrenees.

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Awards & Festivals :
L’étrange festival 2020 (Prix du public), Festival du film Fantastique de Strasbourg 2020, Tohorror 2020 (Turin)


Written and directed by : Joséphine Darcy Hopkins
Writer : Joséphine Darcy Hopkins & Jean-Jacques Kahn
Cast : : Cypriane Gardin, Solène Rigot, Catherine Salée
Production : Vincent Brançon
Image : Julien Grandjean
Editor : Joseph Bouquin