a film by Jourdan Lucente

19min - 2014 - France

Thomas is a 23 years old actor. A director casts him for the very first time. Life carries him to his dream, and to Charly.

Jourdan Lucente
Jourdan Lucente is born in France, in 1988.
He first studies cinema in la Sorbonne Nouvelle, in Paris. Meanwhile he takes acting classes with Jean Laurent Cochet. After two years, he starts working as a production assistant in television while he studies lightning for a year.
In 2010 he creates « Fais-le Productions » and starts working on the production of Charly, his first screenplay wich he wrote when he was 19 years old.
Then he starts his own production company, WALIKI, in wich he works now on several movie projects.


Directed, Written : Jourdan Lucente
Produced by : Jourdan Lucente - WALIKI