Buckle Up

a film by Joachim Weissmann

16 min - 2018 - Belgium

For Sarah and Lucy, nothing seemed to be able to disturb their new life, hidden in a flying club.
On the 146th morning, flushed out, they will be caught up by their past and will have to put at stake their future on a final air combat.

Joachim Weissmann
Born in Tournai on April 25th 1977, Joachim Weissmann has been attracted by camera since his younger days. After some years at school, he entered IAD where he finally found fullfillment.
Meanwhile, he works for regional television where he gains his first audiovisual experiences.
One of his teacher, Benoît Lamy, offers him the opportunity to direct a commercial for road safety. This will be the first of many (Microsoft, Coca-Cola, ING, Puma, BNP Paribas...)
Joachim also satiates his passion for cinema by being a director assistant ("J’aurais voulu être un danseur" by Alain Berliner, "Palais Roayl" by Valérie Lemercier...) prior to decide to stop being an assistant and to fully work as a director. He then directed documentaries ("Si je reviens comme je l’espère", "Millaris"...), making-of ("Les cuisines de Formidable", "D13: autopsie d’un polar"), shows for Be TV or RTBF, or some humoristic or educative short TV show, until his first short fiction "Le négociant", produced by Artémis Production in 2009.
In January 2011, Joachim keeps moving forward with Artémis Production and directs his second short "Kérozène". Then will follow "Une brume, un matin" co-directed with Nicolas Buysse, "Après l’hiver" co-directed with Amandine Hinnekens and "Buckle up", his most recent short.


Cast : Amandine Hinnekens, Audrey Marnay, Virgile Bramly, Gauthier Bourgeois, Jean-Pierre Papot, Alexandre Berthe
Directed by : Joachim Weissmann
Written by : Joachim Weissmann, Amandine Hinnekens
Cinematography : François Schmitt, Donat Mailleux
Sound : François Chapelle
Production : Patrick Quinet (Artémis Productions)
Editor: Aurélie Redoute
Sound editing: Renaud Charlier