A film by François Vacarisas

24 min - 2021 - Belgium/France - French 

Tom is 15 years old. He’s staying at his father’s house for the weekend, to spend an oppressive father-and-son moment under the looming shadow of a deceased brother. However, Tom has come with a bottle of Bluestar, a product that exposes blood trails. With his friend Kevin, he wants to visit an abandoned house at night, the one in which a man killed his entire family. This ghastly escapade will take an unexpected turn for Tom: the Bluestar has something to reveal to him.

François Vacarisas 
François Vacarisas lives in Brussels. He essentially spends most of his time doing non-essential things.
For example, writing scripts and short stories, or making films, sometimes drawing.
Apart from that, for lack of anything better to do, he drinks coffee to go and buys books in bookshops.

Awards :

Be TV Award at The Brussels Short film Festival

Selections :

Brussels Short Film Festival (Belgium)
CineFest Miskolc International Film Festival (Hungary)
International Film Festival Piélagos en Corto (Spain)
One Shot International Short Film Festival (Armenia)
Izmit International Short Film Festival (Turkey)
Portobello Film Festival (UK)
Himachal Short Film Festival (India)
International Film Festival for Children and Young Audience SCHLINGEL (Germany)
Shnit Worldwide Short Film Festival (Switzerland, Argentina, Egypt, South Africa, China, Russia, Costa Rica)
Andromeda Film Festival (Turkey)
Pune Short Film Festival (India)
Aesthetica Short Film Festival (UK)

N° de VISA : 154 327


Directed and written by : François Vacarisas
Production : Cookies Films
Producer : Laurent Denis
Co-production : Noodles Production
Cast : Nissim Renard, Louis Durant, Alain Eloy
Director of photography : Quentin Devillers
Sound: Julien Vanhée, Rainier Buidin
Editor : Matthieu Jamet