a film by Rocco Labbé

12 min - 2011 - France

BERLIN – 2nd OF MAY 1945 : While fierce fighting rages in Berlin city, a bunch of Russian Soldiers plunders a civilian building. The leading Sergent looks exhausted, emotionnally and physically drained out by monthes of violence and chaos. In the last apartment, on the top floor of the building, the squad discovers two terrified German women. The Sergent snatches the younger one to his men and locks himself up with her in the adjacent bedroom.
A bittersweet interlude in war and atrocity.

Rocco Labbé
Rocco Labbé lives and works in Paris. Reader for Europa Corp, then, SND Films, he is also a writer for Les Fiches du Cinéma. He has directed two short films, Berlinoises in 2011 (Best European Independant Film - ECU) and Portraits of Mistresses in 2013. He is currently working on his first feature, "Laminés".

Diligence Films
Funded in 2010 by Julien Rouch and Damien Couvreur (Fondation Jean-Luc Lagardère grant in 2010), Diligence Films is a feature films and short films production company. They’ve produced the two short films by Rocco Labbé, Berliners and Portraits of Mistresses. They are currently in production of the second feature by Frédéric Mermoud, Moka, that will be shot in 2014.


Directed by: Rocco Labbé
Produced by: Julien Rouch - Diligence Films
Cast: Alexandre Medvedev, Roxane Duran, Nikita Gouzovski, Geno Lechner