Sleeping song for 17 skyscrapers, 192 buildings and 13 851 inhabitants

a film by Antoine Janot

2min20 - 2014 - France

A composer chooses each note of her score to make the city fall asleep.

Antoine Janot
After an Audiovisual Methods Technician diploma, Antoine Janot goes deeper into his movie studies at the Paris-Sorbonne University. His master’s thesis, entitled "Le cinema est-il devenu muet ?" (Has the cinema become dumb ?) comes out in 2013 at L’Harmattan Edition. At the same time, he co-directs the documentary feature-length film « Le sommeil de la foule » (The dream of the crowd), edited in video and selected at the international festivals Dei Popoli, Portobello and Tripoli. He currently develops several projects of short and feature-length films.


a film by: Antoine Janot
Original Music : Sarah Kanane
Produced By : Bear Team Production - Laurène Belrose - Adonis Liranza