a film by Laura Townsend

21 min - 2016 - France

« Terminus » is a truck stop lost in the middle of Beauce, France, on Route 20. Sarah, a young flight attendant shows up and asks for a room.

Laura Townsend

Trained in cultural companies’ management, Laura has over ten years of experience as a feature-film line-producer. In 2012, she directs her film, co-directed by Mali Arun, "Nap", before embarking on her first personal short film, "Asphalt".


Directed by : Laura Townsend
Produced by : La Ruche Productions - Alice Pourcher
Cast : Céline Martin-Sisteron, Johan Bichot, Dominique Bettenfeld, Françoise Tixier, Samuel Dutertre, Pierre-Henri Maffre