a film by Matthias Kreter

13 minutes - 2016 - Germany

Daniel awakes, tied up in the trunk of a moving car. His kidnappers are only a few minutes away from delivering the hostage to their boss; still having unfinished business with Daniel. They only need to cross a river to get to the delivery point.

Matthias Kreter

Born in 1990 in Frankfurt, Matthias gained his first experience in filmmaking while attending a directing course in London and working for production companies in Frankfurt and Munich.
He is currently studying Film at the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences, where he directed some award-winning short films.
In 2015 Matthias was part of a delegation of young German artists visiting Israel, organized by the Embassy.
2017 he co-founded FOURMAT film GmbH with some
of his fellow students.
At the moment he is preparing his graduation film at the h-da.


Directed by : Matthias Kreter
Produced by : Fourmat Film - Matthias Kreter
Cast : Stephan Weber, Dirk Waanders, Christoph Bahr, Raul Semmler, Oliver Jacksch