a film by Kim Westerlund

9 min - 2019 - Finland

A man regains consciousness as he is being buried alive. Overwhelmed by panic he tries to force his way out of the box he finds himself in, without success. Equipped with nothing but a single lighter he wallows in hopelessness until strange sounds approach, and with it, true fear.

Awards & Festivals:
Grossman Fantastic film & wine festival ,Slovenia
Frightfest, Great Britain
Telluride Horror Show, Telluride, Colorado, US
Twin Cities horror festival, Minneapolis, US
Nordisk Panorama, Malmö, Sweden
Paris International Fantastic Filmfestival, Paris, France


Written and directed by: Kim Westerlund
Cast: Sampo Sarkola, Elias Erävalo
Production: ARCADA University of Applied Science (UAS)
Image: Martin Engblom
Music: Mats Söderman
Editor: Martin Enblom