A Good Deal

a film by Denis Larzillière

20 min - 2014 - France

Guillaume Malbet thinks that by collecting and organizing all the vouchers and coupons he finds on his way, he’s making the world better... for him. One day he finds out he has a personal enemy...

Denis Larzillière
Denis Larzillière directed in 1999 his first short film at the age of 16. After several projects using stop motion technique, he created a character he named Poulpy who stars in an eponym trilogy shot from 2002 to 2005. A feature film is currently being written. In 2008, he directed a commercial for ARP and le Cinéma des Cinéastes. The same year he graduated from ENSAD with jury congratulations and was awarded the Festival Prototype first prize with "56 pesos", a western with fantasy elements entirely shot in studio. Between 2009 and 2014 he directed various corporate films and viral videos for brands such as Arthur Martin Electrolux or Sega. Since 2008, he is a trainer at Film Training Center (CEFPF) where he had occasions to work with directors like Harry Cleven, Nils Tavernier, and Laurent Bouhnik. In 2011 he directed a music video, "Axiom aka Hicham" produced by Europacorp. Since 2013 he collaborates with producer Marc Brunet who produced, among other films, "A Good deal". Currently he is writing his first feature films and works on several series projects.


Directed by: Denis Larzillière
Produced by: Marc Brunet - Marty est une Entreprise
Cast: Mathieu Busson, Riton Liebman