a film by Julien Becker

15 min - 2013 - Luxembourg

It’s 22:22, Franck wakes up at his desk. When he realizes where he is, he puts on his coat and leaves the open space of the firm. He takes the lift, when the doors open he is still on the same floor. He tries to leave by the stairs....it’s 22:22

Julien Becker
Julien Becker is a french photographer born in Luxembourg in 1979. Since 2010 he’s D.O.P / director for commercials. 22:22 is his first short film. He has the ambition to explore this short format before diving into the adventure of a full length feature film.

Skill Lab
Skill Lab is a luxemburgish production company created in 2010 by Gwenael François and Julien Becker. Since its beginnig the company is active in the advertising business. With 22:22 Skill Lab makes its first steps in the movie industry. Several short film projects are currently being worked on.
More info at: http://www.skilllab.net//


Directed by: Julien Becker
Produced by: Gwenael François - Skill Lab
Cast: Hervé Sogne