The company was created in 2012 and aims at producing eclectic and world-wide motion pictures. Olivier Berlemont and Emilie Dubois guide young film-makers from over twenty different nationalities through production, coproduction, and world sales. In 2019, Pablo Munoz Gomez’s Kapitalistis was nominated at the french César, after starting its career at Locarno (Medien Patent Award Winner). That same year, Erenik Beqiri’s The Van is their third Official Competition Selection at Cannes Film Festival, following Ziya Demirel’s Sali in 2015, and the winning of a Special Jury Mention in 2013 for 37°4S directed by Adriano Valerio. The company is currently developing its first feature film projects in France and on the international market, while pursuing its activity in the short film industry, with 40 films produced to this day and more than 300 in the world sales catalog.

Olivier Berlemont - Producer
Emilie Dubois - Producer
Pierre Mourey - Production Assistant - production@originefilms.fr
International Sales - sales@originefilms.fr